Our Service

At Go Walkies London we believe we offer the best and most personal dog walking service possible.

We believe in giving dogs the freedom to be dogs; to sniff and wander and go on adventures, but also in helping them develop engaging relationships with their human counterparts and other dogs. We like to keep things simple and transparent for our customers.

Here’s how we are a little different.


Small Groups

We only ever walk a maximum of 4-6 dogs. This is for a few reasons. First of all, it is better for the dogs. We try to find a balance of both human and dog interaction and find small groups conducive to this. Secondly, it is better for our walkers. We find our job to be more manageable, satisfying and enjoyable this way, so why not?

Dog Training

Dog training requires a lot of time and intense one to one sessions. Whilst we might often offer tips and techniques for you to use at home, these aren’t dog training sessions, they are walks. We believe ultimately that the relationship between a dog and it’s master is an integral part to training a dog. What you do get with us is basic training in on-lead behaviour and discipline that is consistent with your own patterns or training regime with your dog. We believe in positive reinforcement for good behaviour. We take instructions well and we understand that consistency is everything. The way we run our business means we have time to treat each dog as it is, an individual.

Puppy visits and feeding

We don’t currently offer a home puppy visit and feeding service.


We believe in strong feedback and communication links with our customers. We’re here to roll with the changes as your requirements change. It’s up to you just how much you hear from us, but we’ll naturally keep you up to date with any issues or developments. We twitter and text a lot too, so you can get a glimpse into your dogs day.

A walking team

We are a small team of experienced walkers. This offers many benefits over single person companies including a low dog to walker ratio and the ability to cover in case of illness or in emergencies at short notice.

Food and treats sponsorship from Bob & Lush

We have a sponsorship deal with Bob & Lush premium dog food and treats. Any food or treats we use (we do keep this to a minimum!) is from them as we believe it is some of the best you can get and it’s great for your dog. We can also provide discounts to our clients who want to buy through us using our ‘gowalkies’ discount code.

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