Google Places Optimization

Google Places Optimization

Google Places Optimization means that your listing is 100% complete and has all on and off page optimization working to its maximum. Without giving way our trade secrets we use our own unique optimization techniques to get your Google Places listing to the top of the Google Maps results.
Google Places Optimization – secrets of being top of Google Places revealed

How to get your Google Places listing to the top?

First of all ignore 99% of everything else you read on the forums and blogs out there. Most of this so-called ‘guide to Google Places’ advice is just to entice you to, yes like we are right now, but at least we are upfront about it.

Why would anyone who really knows the secrets to Google Places optimization actually give it away for free? This is currently the best sales tool for any local business out there right now. With more than 66% of all call to action coming from the local business results (or Google Maps as it is more commonly known) why would any company tell you their secrets. As for the forums well….look at how many people are in a bit of trouble with their Google Places listing because they listened to advice on the Google Places Forums.

So that obviously isn’t working either is it?

Google Places Optimization Guaranteed Results

Don’t pay anything upfront – We GUARANTEE you a first page results


Google Places Optimization Techniques

Of course we’re not going to train you up to be able to do this yourselves, we’ve spent 7 years perfecting our craft and we aim to protect this information but we will tell you the basics on how to start with a good clean listing so that if you either do get lucky or want to get help from a Google Places Optimization specialist that at least we aren’t spending months and months cleaning up all the errors and removing any ‘pending’ or guideline violations.

1.) Read the Google Places guidelines

2.) Don’t think you can trick Google by having more than 1 listing.

3.) Don’t try to hijack an already optimized listing

4.) Don’t think by reporting other listings as spam will help you – Google uses IP and MAC address filters. It will be one holy backfire if you do.

5.) Make sure your Google Places listing represents your business as it appears in the real world.

6.) Avoid the cheap and nasty Google Places SEO companies – You really do get what you pay for. We correct and optimize more cock ups by other SEO firms out there than we care to mention.


Benefits of Google Places Optimization

1. Your business will appear consistently on Google Places for the next 12 months
2. More phone calls from new potential customers
3. Guaranteed, safe internet marketing with proven results
4. Because your business will be seen where more than 56% off all Google Local searches result in a call to action, your business will be one of the first called.


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